The Central Ohio Python User's Group

About Us

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of Central Ohio Pythonistas. We meet most Thursday evenings for informal dojos, occasionally for lunch on various days of the week, and have a monthly meeting usually on the last Monday of the month. To have lunch at your favorite place, announce the time and place on the mailing list.

After our monthly meetings we like to adjourn to some nearby eatery to enjoy good food, good drinks, and good conversation.

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We have code on our github repository, especially of challenges where people solved problems using Python in very different ways.

Monthly Meetings

Usually on last Monday of each month.

  • 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm: eat, socialize
  • 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm: announcements and introductions then presentations
  • 8:00 pm hard stop for presentations
  • 8:00 pm adjourn to some nearby eatery


We meet most Thursday evenings:

  • from around 6pm
  • to around 8pm (or later???) in person at The East Market ,

Dojos are informal Python group study sessions where everyone interested in Python gathers to learn about Python, help others with Python, or just hang out. Everyone interested in Python from complete beginners, to experts, and everyone in between are welcome to the Dojos. Bring your Python questions and problems. Digressions from Python are common.

We meet in person at:
East Market
212 Kelton Ave
Columbus, OH 43205

Go upstairs (elevator available) and go to the big area at the elevator end (over the restaurant). Pick a table with a friend to deposit your equipment and return downstairs for any food or beverage you desire.

August Meeting

August 29, 2022, 6:00 p.m.

Physical Meeting

Improving has graciously offered to host our meeting at their office in Easton.

One Easton Oval, Suite 175
Columbus, OH 43219

Online Meeting


Gather supports multiple conversations, so it is good for socializing with side conversations. No registration is required to use Gather and there's nothing to install or download to use it. The only software you need to access Gather is a Chrome or Firefox browser.

We meet in person at Improving and online using Gather for the socializing and schmoozing, announcements and presentation(s).

This month's presentations:

Writing K8s Admission WebHooks in Python.

by Brian Costlow

Kubernetes, at its heart, is a platform for managing and orchestrating containerized workloads and services.

A key concept in Kubernetes is that you configure some desired state on a Kubernetes cluster via the Kube API (usually not directly, but via kubectl, Helm, or various CD tools) and one or more Controllers try to make the desired state the actual state.

Admission Controllers are special controllers that can act on desired state changes and potentially modify or reject them before they are persisted and other controllers act on them.

There are two built-in Admission Controllers that are designed to be easily extended: MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook. Neither of these have their own internal logic to handle the Admission, they call a webhook application that you create to make those decisions.

Because K8s is written in Go, the community is Go-focused and most Admission webhooks are written in Go. But a webhook is just a type of web application, and you can write your webhooks in any language that you can use to write a web app.

In this talk, we'll learn how to write Mutating and Validating webhooks in Python, we'll learn how to configure and deploy the webhooks, and then we'll run some test deployments against them and watch them in action.

Last, time permitting, we'll discuss some pros and cons of using Python instead of Go for this kind of work.


18:00 Socializing

18:30 Announcements followed by presentations

20:00 Hard stop: adjourn to some nearby establishment for more eating, drinking, and socializing.

Hope to see you there!

Improving will be providing pizza and beverages.

If you choose to come to the physical meeting place, please RSVP to this meeting ASAP so our host will know how much pizza to order.

If you feel uncomfortable about attending the physical meeting, please join us online at Gather.

We usually meet on the last Monday of each month. Presentations are given by members and friends of this group. If you would like to do a presentation (small or large) on a Python topic, please contact Shelby Elzinga @